Read about the Plans for Stockport Interchange Park

This consultation has now closed.
About Stockport Interchange...

Stockport Interchange will be a new Transport Interchange with a public park on topIt is currently Stockport’s bus station and sits between Swaine Street, the A6, the River Mersey and Daw Bank. The bus station will move to a temporary location on Heaton Lane car park in Summer 2021.

Stockport Interchange will include:

  • A two-acre public park above the Transport Interchange called Interchange Park
  • The Transport Interchange includes an accessible bus station with seating, fully accessible toilets and changing facilities, cycle storage, and a Travelshop
  • A pavilion that provides stair and lift access from Interchange Park to the Interchange below
  • An oculus in the centre of Interchange Park giving natural light and ventilation to the Interchange below 
  • A pedestrian and cyclist link from Interchange Park to Station Road
  • A cycle lift in the north east corner of Interchange Park, providing access from Interchange Park to the Interchange and Trans Pennine Trail below
  • Trans Pennine Trail route along the River Mersey frontage
  • Around 200 new apartments with cafes and shops on the ground floor

Tell us how you might you use Interchange Park and the features you'd like to see...

We’d like to understand how you might use Interchange Park and the features you’d like to see to improve your experience. We see it as a place where people can play, meet with their friends and family, view art and nature and connect with travel. There are many ways this can be done and your feedback can help shape the park design.

Some features are fixed for structural reasons, therefore we are not asking for views on these. These include:

  • The size and location of the oculus (a circular opening in the middle of the park) as it provides natural light and ventilation to the Interchange below
  • The pavilion building that provides stairs and lift access to the Interchange below
  • The new apartments, café and shops
  • The pedestrian and cycle link connecting Interchange Park to Station Road
  • The size and general location of trees

But some features of Interchange Park can be informed by your ideas, including:

  • How you might use Interchange Park, for example: community gardening, children’s play, events, pop-ups and festivals, relaxation
  • Features you’d like to see, for example: art, play equipment, shelter, seating
  • How you will access Interchange Park
  • The landscaping at Hat Works Square and the river edge

Our public engagement activities...

Since 2018, we have collected feedback from local people on the proposals for Stockport Interchange in the following ways:

  • In 2018, we delivered leaflets to 8,500 homes and held engagement events, with 330 people responding to the public consultation
  • In 2020, 178 people took part in a second round of public consultation
  • In 2021, we held online art sessions with Stockport families, workshops with students at Stockport College, and workshops in primary schools

So far, local people have told us their priorities include: seating and areas to rest; safety, lighting and CCTV; climate and energy efficiency; encouraging wildlife; decorative planting; space for cycle parking; outdoor event space; shops and cafes; and a safe place to play.

Around half of residents say they will use Interchange Park as a route through to other destinations. The other half would like to use it as a destination in itself!

Our conversations with residents don’t stop there! We have planned the following activities for Summer/Autumn 2021:

  • An opportunity to comment online through this website
  • A touring roadshow in our VW campervan. We will visit some of Stockport’s parks and local high streets to have a conversation
  • Special issue focus groups with groups we haven’t heard from so far

Our next steps for Interchange Park...

Summer 2021 – Construction enabling works begin

Summer/Autumn 2021 – Further community engagement

Winter 2021 – Interchange Park design finalised

Winter 2021 – Construction begins

Spring 2024 – Interchange Park opening