What is the purpose of this consultation?

    This consultation provides an opportunity to view our draft plans for Stockport Interchange Park. You can provide your feedback which can shape what is included in the park.

    Stockport Council want all residents to have an opportunity to provide their feedback. We want Interchange Park to be a well-used and valuable addition to the town.

    This consultation is about Interchange Park specifically and not the other aspects of the Transport Interchange or the new apartments.

    What facilities will Interchange Park include?

    Across Interchange Park and the Interchange below, the following will be available:   

    • Fully accessible toilets with baby changing and Changing Places facilities,
    • Retail including a Café and Newsagents,
    • ATM (cash machine),
    • Lifts and stair access between Interchange Park and Interchange below,
    • Cycle lift providing access from the park to the Interchange and Trans Pennine Trail below, 
    • A new link to Stockport rail station,
    • Designated cycle route within the park.

    We want your feedback on what other features are important in Interchange Park.

    What is the purpose of the oculus (the circular opening) in the middle of the park?

    The oculus provides natural ventilation of the Transport Interchange below, while also allowing daylight into the Interchange reducing the need to use as much artificial lighting.

    Who will manage and maintain Interchange Park once it is open?

    Stockport Council will operate and maintain the park.

    What time of day will Interchange Park be open?

    The park will be open to the public 24 hours a day.

    How will Interchange Park be accessible for everyone in the community?

    Interchange Park will be accessible at the same level from the A6 Wellington Road and will link to Station Road via pedestrian and cycle paths. This includes a bridge crossing over Daw Bank to Interchange Park. In addition, there will be a stepped link from the bridge to Exchange St.

    Two lifts and stairs in the North East and North West corners of Interchange Park will provide access between the park and the Interchange below, and onwards to River Mersey and Mersey Square.

    Interchange Park will be right next to the busy A6 road. Is it a safe location to build a park?

    We are fully aware of the need for green space in the town centre and other areas across Greater Manchester. Therefore, Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester have taken this important step to include the first town centre park, on the roof of the new Transport Interchange building.

    Measures to separate traffic from pedestrians and cyclists at the boundary of  the A6 are considered within the design of the scheme. This arrangement is no different than many public parks across the UK.

    Will existing trees be lost?

    It is necessary to clear a number of trees to provide the space needed to allow for the work to take place. We will only remove the minimum number of trees required and any tree removed will be replaced. For every tree we remove, we will replace it with two new trees.

    What is happening to the existing bus station?

    The bus station will be knocked down and the site cleared. A brand-new Transport Interchange will be built on the site. 

    Working with bus operators, your bus services will be maintained during construction and we will work to ensure any disruption to services, passengers and local residents and businesses is kept to a minimum.

    Most bus services will be relocated to a temporary bus station at Heaton Lane car park opposite the old Debenhams store. Some bus services will run from Mersey Square and others, including coaches, will run from temporary stops in the town centre. Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester will ensure that information regarding any changes to services or stops will be advertised in advance and available to all. 

    How tall will the residential building be?

    The residential building reaches approximately 55m (180ft) in height.

    The building is 70m (230ft) long and 17m (56ft) wide.

    The ground floor will provide space for a café and shops, with 14 residential floors above.

    Will the residential building include any affordable homes?

    No affordable homes are included in the scheme as the apartments are not being offered for individual sales but are to support the Build to Rent sector (i.e. apartments that are built specifically for rentals).

    The building includes 14 residential floors housing a mixture of one and two-bedroom apartments.

    Has any parking provision been made for the new residents?

    Limited resident car parking (including accessible parking and substantial cycle storage) will be available on the lower levels of the residential building.

    Will the residential building block the sun from the park?

    At specific times of day, a shadow will be cast over parts of Interchange Park. On a sunny day there will always be locations within the park where users can be in the sun.

    Will the design and views of the residential building fit in with the rest of Interchange Park?

    The residential apartments have been designed alongside Interchange Park and the Interchange below. The layout of the residential building has been carefully considered so as to compliment the existing local architecture and park design. The tree lined ‘residential street’ integrates the building into Interchange Park together with a residents garden to the rear of the building.

    How long will construction take?

    Clearing the existing site and building the whole scheme will take approximately 3 years.

    How will you prevent traffic disruption during construction?

    Some disruption to the public highway will be unavoidable, but Transport for Greater Manchester and the scheme Contractor are working with Stockport’s Public Highways department to ensure any disruption to our roads are kept to an absolute minimum. 

    Where traffic disruption cannot be avoided, advanced travel information and fully signed traffic diversions will be in place. 

    Will there be new job opportunities created?

    It is anticipated that there will be a number of job opportunities available during the construction, either through the main contractor or their supply chain partners.